Dos Almas de España Guitar


Maestro Arizaga used a guitar built by Manuel Reyes in 1980 to record the album Dos Almas de España. Manuel was born in Jayena (Granada) on July 4, 1934. He moved with his family to Cordoba in 1944. At the end of the 1940’s he began to study guitar making with Joaquin Sanchez Galisteo. Joaquin had worked for Miguel Rodriguez from about 1910 to 1925 as a journeyman guitarmaker and opened his own shop in 1926. Manuel Reyes studied with Joaquin until 1954 when he went independent of his maestro. In February of 1956 Manuel went to Madrid for a few days to study with maestro Marcelo Barbero, whose clients already included Carlos Montoya, Sabicas and Jose Motos. By the late 1960’s Manuel’s clients included Sabicas, Mario Escudero, Juan Serrano, and Pepe Martinez. He is thought to be one of the five greatest luthiers in all of Spain guitar history and is still making guitars today. He has built guitars for several generations of flamenco guitarists and his works are now enjoyed by the likes of Vincente Amigo and Maestro Arizaga.

Maestro Arizaga has matured into a well rounded and seasoned performer who never fails to leave an audience astonished at what one man and one guitar can do. 

Instrument acquired from Fine Fretted String Instruments, Campbell California